Video Production & Editing

We utilize our unique cinematic, documentary-style vision in every project, bringing it to life with evocative visuals, immersive soundscapes and innovative storytelling

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Our editing team work closely with directors and producers to ensure the structure, narrative, pace and mood of the film matches the original brief. Our own in-house editing facilities mean we can deliver film in any format or resolution and work to tight deadlines

Delivering the final film in the right format and resolution is a vital part of any production process. That’s why we guarantee the final version is delivered for the desired usage and platforms

Achieving the right color contrast makes all the difference to the final film, which is why we focus on perfectly enhancing or adjusting the colors and tones to produce broadcast standard films.

Finding the right soundtrack for a film can be one of the most challenging tasks in post-production. We’ve built an extensive list of composers, as well as an extensive music library, so that we can deliver quality compositions that compliment each production.