Documentaries and short films offer a powerful way of promoting awareness and understanding of a particular issue or subject. Having produced films for organisations GSM Films has the experience and expertise to help your company achieve its objectives.

As our list of clients below indicates, GSM Films has produced films on a wide range of other subjects, with great success.

Recognising the importance of  film making , we work very closely our clients to ensure they meet their objectives. The feedback we have received both from our clients and the films’ audiences is resoundingly positive.

We have successfully reached millions of viewers through our campaigns and work with organizations of all sizes to create content that is remembered.

The campaigns we have been a part of are challenging. Getting people excited about something today has its share of difficulties, but thats a challenge we have continued to meet and overcome for all organizations who have hired us. Our content created has generated millions of eyeballs in short periods of time. We enjoy working with people who have a mission they are trying to accomplish, and we enjoy being apart of that mission and helping them succeed.

Some of the projects worked on

Winning The Battle Against Cancer – National Cancer Prevention Programme (NCCP)

The Changing Faces of Abia State – The Theodore Ahamefule Orji Revolution (A Corporate Documentary on Abia State for Abia State Government