Nigeria Diaspora TV Show – An Overview


The Nigerian and African Diaspora have grown over the years to be a force to be reckoned with on so many fronts. From economic, to political, to social points of view, this group of people has stood out. They represent the millions of people who have emigrated from Nigeria to other parts of the world over the years, as well as their descendants. These “Diasporans” continue to face peculiar issues owing to their status as immigrants. They range from their challenges, lifestyles, cultural integration, home affiliations, and disposition of embassies. It also includes their triumphs, problems, and fears. Many Diasporans would like to have or see a uniting platform, where they can share experiences with other Diasporans and those at home, voice their concerns regarding their various issues, whilst also particular about the happenings in Nigeria, on all fronts – political, social, economic, technological etc., therefore playing an active role in policy formation and development.





“Nigeria Diaspora TV” is a live 60-minute weekly TV magazine show conceptualized to engage Nigerians in Diaspora, as well as those at home. It focuses on the totality of lives and activities of Nigerians in Diaspora. An infotainment TV show, which would engage serious discussions in a casual and cozy way, with mixture of interludes to showcase Nigerian social lives, Nigeria Diaspora TV makes use of a CNNstyled studio reporting/interview format, with real time live screens of guests being interviewed from across various parts of the world. Nigeria Diaspora TV will be citizen led initiative and an advocacy tool, which gives a platform offering relevant stakeholders (governments, embassies, Diasporans, those at home, the private sector etc.) an opportunity to look objectively at issues and co-create workable and meaningful solutions in ways that will fast-track the desired progress and development needs, further bringing about a ‘win-win’ situation for all.



1. To highlight and promote the delivery of increased gains and opportunities to both Nigerians at home and those in Diaspora.

2. To place a responsibility of best diplomatic practices on stakeholders including embassies, governments of nations, educational/ scholarly providers, economic opportunities for all, individuals and the Nigerian nation, cutting across different areas/subject matter.

3. To create an opportunity for all stakeholders to amplify the theme of Nigerians in Diaspora for development and integration.

4. To build a critical mass of enlightened people who can contribute (at all levels – political/policy [legislative, executive, judiciary], economic/entrepreneurial, social/academia, community, individual etc.) to the opportunities the Nigerian Diaspora presents.

5. To provide a platform for Nigerians in Diaspora to give back to their country, and encourage investing in their fatherland.

6. To provide a platform for the enlightenment of core target, including students, emigrants, and travelers, on immigration issues.

7. To provide a platform for discourse, exchange of ideas, and dissemination of information on a plethora of subjects, for the purpose of enlightenment, making of enquirers and inputs, from across the world, thereby building confidence as we seek support/mobilization for significant effect.

8. To meet a social obligation that will further project Nigeria and Nigerians in Diaspora as proactive and socially responsible citizens, wherever they find themselves in the world.



A typical 60-minute episode of  NIGERIA DIASPORA TV will have five (5) main segments, each customized to address key elements of the DIASPORA chain. These are –

• News – (Global News)

• Home-front Trending

• Feedback – (People Speak!: Straight from The Neighborhoods)

• Focus on Special Projects • Global Trailblazers – an interview section of exceptional individuals and achievers who have grown to become household names in their respective fields – Rag to Wealth stories.



PROPOSED ANCHOR/SHOW HOST Chukwuma Aligwekwe (Chico) (A veteran Radio Presenter)


Tentatively Every Thursday, 7-8pm CAT. Reruns would be on the following Monday or watch on and

Tentative Premier Date: 15th December 2016



1. A comprehensive Guest profile and CV will be needed for our team of Scriptwriter & Researchers. Photos relating to our Guest life professionally will be needed to substantiate and help the quality of content.

2. A phone call will be initiated from Nigeria to our Guest a short discussion on what is expected to make a great show.

3. Interview will done via Skype, the studio in Nigeria is fully ready to call any part of the world. It is a live programme, questions, tweets will be in real time

4. Mode of Dressing – All our Guests will be expected to be moderately dressed, emphasis will be on well lit room for quality visuals for audience around world

5. Questions will revolve around professional life only, nothing on the personal side.

6. Focus will be on what can inspire others to greatness, especially younger people, students and Nigerians who may be planning to emigrate – Professional achievements, innovation, pedigree etc


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